These are just some of the ways that we encourage the community to be involved:

·         Assisting on field trips

·         Reading to children

·         One on one with a child that needs extra attention

·         Sharing a special talent, interest or skill with classrooms

·         Clean up around our building and the neighborhood

·         Landscaping both one- time projects and ongoing

·         Volunteering for fundraising events

Volunteering with Youth and Family Outreach is an excellent way to support your community and make a difference in the lives of children and families of Greater Portland.

Consistency is priority one with our children.  If you are considering some volunteering with Youth and Family Outreach in our classrooms, we ask that you be able to commit to no less than 6 months.  This gives the children time to get to know you and understand that you will be a stable person in their classroom and someone that they can trust.  Volunteers are a wonderful way to enhance the programming, allowing teachers to schedule special events on the day that they know they will have a volunteer to assist. 

YFO invites caring and compassionate individuals who can serve as regular volunteers for a duration of six months or more to please inquire below.


Contact Us

Please fill out the form to the right to inquire about volunteering at Youth and Family Outreach. Please indicate how you might be interested in donating your time, and the level of time commitment you are willing to offer.

Additional inquiries about our volunteer program can be answered by our school’s director, Camelia Babson-Haley.

Email: camelia.haleyyfo@gmail.com

Phone: 207-874-1073

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